Comfort Keepers Senior In Home Care: Medication Safety and Management in Anaheim, CA

Learn more about the different medication safety tips and tricks that are used by the senior in home care experts – Comfort Keepers of Anaheim, CA

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers group reports that more than 30% of medication-related hospitalizations result from patients taking medications incorrectly.  Unfortunately many families know that it is quite common for their senior loved one to miss a dose of medication, to forget to take one of their medications on a regular basis, or fail to follow other guidelines applicable to their medications.

Comfort Keepers wants your senior loved one to continue living independently at home just as much as you do. Being at home allows them to enjoy the activities they are used to, but requires that they also focus on morning, noon, and night doses of meds.  However, we also want them to have the highest quality of life possible, and this means remaining healthy and avoiding emergencies.

What happens when seniors are in danger of mismanaging their medications if not pointed in the right direction?

Well, one of the key services that Comfort Keepers is helping your senior loved one organize medications properly.  While our senior in home care providers don’t physically dispense medication, they are more than happy to read prescription labels or to give reminders for times to take meds.

Medical Safety Products

Comfort Keepers has your back in keeping sure everything is correct with your loved one’s medication.  We offer, as an enhancement to the senior in home care we provide, an array of pill dispenser systems to make your loved one’s medication life as scientific and accurate as possible.

Pill Dispenser- This is a revolutionary device that is perfect for seniors who have a particularly tough time taking meds properly.

The Pill Dispenser organizes meds and dispenses them according to a programmed schedule.  Further, it sends alerts of missed doses!

Tab Safe- This system has cartridges holding as many as 32 doses of medicine.  It’s perfect for a senior who has multiple medications to keep track of.

MedMinder- This cellular pillbox locks to keep medications safe; it gives audio and visual reminders when it is time to take a medication.  It holds a week’s worth of meds in 28 compartments.

As you can see, Comfort Keepers has a substantial line of defense to help your senior loved one keep track of medication.

It’s also important for you to realize that we begin our senior in home care with any client with an in-home consultation.  We believe that the best care, in terms of medication and all elements of care, has to be highly customized.  We are here to listen, and from what we learn, we craft senior in home care that is best for your loved one and your whole family.

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