Comfort Keepers Elderly Home Care Professionals Present: Immunizations for Senior Citizens in Anaheim, CA

Learn more about the different immunizations available to seniors and what they can help prevent for your senior loved one  presented by Comfort Keepers elderly home care of Anaheim, CA

Senior citizens are a part of the population that really needs to keep up with their immunizations.  Sometimes this takes a loving nudge from a family member. This is the case for a few reasons; for one, seniors have various health concerns that may occupy their time. Seniors may also be suspicious of vaccinations - particularly some of the latest ones.

Senior can also be very susceptible to infections of all kinds.  One reason is that the elderly sometimes have weaker immune systems.  They may have been exposed to a type of infection or disease quite a while back that has laid dormant in their system and may cause issue if their immune response is lacking.

Even if an older man or woman was vaccinated as a child, the immunity provided by the vaccination may no longer be in effect and they probably haven’t gotten some of the most recent vaccinations.

Here are some of the most important vaccines for seniors to focus on.

1. Shingles Vaccine

The chickenpox virus also causes shingles, a severe skin rash.  When a person’s immune system weakens with age, the dormant chickenpox can re-awaken, this time in the form of shingles.  Shingles afflicts one in three adults at some point in their life.  Everyone over the age of 50 is urged to get the vaccine and to keep it up to date, since its effectiveness lasts roughly five years.

2. Flu Vaccine

Another one of the unfortunate side effects that comes along with a compromised immune system is the flue. The flu can leave seniors vulnerable to complications from influenza or the flu.  These can include nasal or lung infections and even inflammation of the heart.

The flu itself is especially dangerous for seniors.  According the CDC (Center For Disease Control), 71-85% of seasonal flu deaths are in people 65 in older.

The flu vaccine is very crucial for seniors.  In fact, a special higher strength vaccine has been designed just for them.

3. T-Dap (Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis)

This newer vaccine adds protection against Pertussis to the previous combination of tetanus and diphtheria vaccines.  Tetanus causes painful stiffness and muscle tightening and diphtheria consists of serious breathing problems along with a thick coating in the throat. Pertussis is also known as whooping cough and comes along with severe coughing spells.

This vaccine is especially important for seniors who are in contact with infants.

4. Pneumonia

This malady causes 60,000 deaths per year, and is very detrimental to seniors.  The vaccine is one-time, yet patients can get renewal vaccines five years or more after the original.

There is no question that, among other cares and time commitments that seniors have, they must be sure to keep up with their vaccinations.  Doing so is an easy way to avoid much greater problems in the future.

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