Starting The Care for Seniors Conversation Presented by Comfort Keepers of Anaheim, CA

Comfort Keepers of Anaheim, CA Encourage You to Be Prepared For The Big Talk About Care for Seniors Options

With age your loved one will probably need assistance with activities of everyday living. To ensure that you are prepared for that phase, it’s necessary that you have a conversation with your loved one about senior care services. It can be an unpleasant and uncomfortable discussion, so it is important to be prepared for it.  Here are some factors you should take into consideration.

It is never too early to have the care for seniors conversation. It is better to have it while you parent is still healthy and independent so you can fully include them in the decision making. This way they will feel like they have control over their life. Otherwise you could experience resentment from your loved one.

It’s wise to have the care for seniors conversation somewhere where your parent feels safe and protected. Choose a quiet and secure place. Their home is always the best option. Make sure that the atmosphere isn’t intimidating so they don’t feel like family is ganging up on them.

The leader
Have a discussion with your family members before you talk to your loved one. Choose the leader of the pack which should be in charge and plan the conversation. They can share tasks and gather all the information needed. It’s best that this person also leads the care for seniors conversation so they can answer any of the questions your loved one might have.

It is for the best that all of the closest family members are present. This way your parent will know their family cares for their well being and that they are doing this because they love them and support them.

Gather information
If you need any help with planning this important discussion, give us a call. Comfort Keepers care for seniors of Anchorage, AK are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions.

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