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The Family Room – Presented by Comfort Keepers Home Health Aides in Anaheim, CA

Comfort Keepers Home Health Aides present a new communication platform called the Family Room to adults and seniors in Anaheim, CA

Comfort Keepers now utilizes an exciting new online tool, Family Room, a communication portal for the whole family and for your home health aide. 

Some family members can become frustrated, confused, or may feel guilty for not being able to visit often enough.  If you’re not in a position to physically visit your elderly loved one at any point while they receive home care assistance, you’ll have only partial information; and that’s less than ideal.


What is the Family Room?

Family Room is your electronic solution to any and all of these problems.  It’s a new online communications hub that places the entire home care team into a (virtual) room.  This means Comfort Keepers’ home health aides, the care recipient, and all the family members who wish to be involved can interact and share information in one space.

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The Family Room allows all members to view and share information regarding your senior loved one’s care.  This allows everyone to “stay in the loop,” with equal chances to participate in their loved one’s home healthcare program.

The main purpose of the Family Room is to allow our home health aides to provide regular updates on the services they’re providing, the state of your senior loved one, your loved one’s diet, and much more. For instance, they may update a checklist as he or she helps your loved one around the house, drives them to a dentist appointment, or helps them run errands. With the Family Rooms shared calendar, you can view your loved-one’s appointments and can make changes to upcoming appointments. The convenience and transparency created by Family Room also extends to invoices which you can view and pay online. 

In order to truly understand your situation, we start off with in-home consultations to dig deep into your family’s needs. During care, our home health aides adjust and modify their work as needed. As more in-depth relationships form between your senior and our caregivers, things change and our caregivers re able to provide more custom-tailored services and document these approaches within the Family Room.

There’s no extra charge for Family Room when you acquire care through Comfort Keepers. The tool helps us deliver care that takes a load off of everyone’s mind—our definition of great home healthcare services.  Please give us a call to see what services our personal care aides can provide for your loved one.

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